Our History

We stand behind our reputation and will continue to serve our community with the values instilled by our funeral directors.

Dwayne Henley and Joelle Valliere bring years of combined professional experience and expertise to the funeral industry, they opened Affinity Funeral Service in Drayton Valley, June 26, 2019. Desiring a name with significance, Dwayne and Joelle chose ‘Affinity’ after researching it’s meaning.

 Affinity is defined as: a spontaneous or natural liking or sympathy for someone or something. A further definition is a feeling of closeness and understanding that someone has for another person because of their similar ideas and interests; a quality that makes people or things suited to each other.

 Joelle says the first definition speaks to how Joelle and Dwayne feel of the profession and the second defines their business partnership.

Affinity began to grow, serving families in the Whitecourt area. With complete support from the town council Affinity became Whitecourt’s first local funeral service and opened its doors October 2020.